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Here is presented one of the best aluminium sun lounger outdoor furniture inovation of this year.

Have you wonder what you get when you mix leather producer, orthopaedist, designer and innovator from aluminium industry? Well you get at least The Xtreme Outdoor lounger awarded with Reddot and German design award for year 2017. The Eyebrows rises in a outdoor furniture segment where you do not expect something fundamentally new. Xtreme Collections proves that everything is possible if you walk the way that other traditional producers of garden furniture don’t.

Real leather Outdoor?

I do not know should I start with Xtreme Outdoor leather invented by Boxmark. Leather as second skin is one of the finest natural materials. Each contact with leather gives special felling of home. 150 years of experience with leather in the most prestige automotive brands such are Bentley, Bugatti, Maserati, BMW, Jaguar etc., means that we understands the leather. UV rays, oil repellent and stain resistant is no problem for  Xtreme® real leather.

Orthopaedist involvement?

Maybe ergonomy of Xtreme Lounger which is divided into 3 layers will convince you. Laying down on Xtreme Lounger for very long time means no blood pressure problems. If you need to adjust Xtreme Lounger in different position, you can do it with mechanism which follows your body without leaving the Xtreme Lounger.

Aluminium sun lounger outdoor furniture
Clcik here for colour configuration of a Xtreme Sun Lounger

Details as pearls in colours of aluminium, hand knitted leather combined with 40 colours are one of the features that rises the value for user on private space called Xtreme Lounger, part of the Xtreme Collection named Ocean Breeze.

Aluminium sun lounger outdoor furniture from Xtreme Collection Family

Xtreme Lounger has become the part of the Xtreme family also with passed endurance test under 50.000 x 200kg weight.  Aluminium frame passed test of 400 hours in the salt chamber.

Only selective user who recognises clear line luxury design combined in a smart way with natural materials will dare to poses the Xtreme Lounger.

Got the wish to confugure your own Xtreme Sun Lounger? Wanna order it?

Xtreme Lounger as part of The Xtreme Collection.